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Import / Export

W&R Co. Ltd., Japan is familiar with import & export when it comes to bridging markets beyond the country. Since our founder, TOM T. Shidozawa, embarked in the import business, he has contributed many ways to attract Japanese markets over the last 35 years. Based on its knowledge and expertise, we have a great reputation for finding a new market for our foreign clients by not only buying and distributing but also forming joint venture or partnering.

W&R Co. Ltd., Japan is listed on the Japanese trading agencies run by the government and on the other Asian countries’ from which we receive current market trends and often prospective clients reach us.

Example of countries we do import and export are;

U.S.A, U.K, Germany, Australia, Italy, Austria, Taiwan, Korea, China, Russia, Philippines, Denmark, Finland, Norway..etc

Our recent activity also catches market interests that we form partnering to Japanese manufactures, Monozukuri factories, who devote their passion into quality and hospitality that reflects onto recognition of today’s Japanese brands. Utilising our expertise, we act as an export agency and approach prospective clients abroad or often form partnership to achieve long term sustainability on the foreign markets. Likewise we always seek exciting opportunities to work with foreign clients who look for Japanese brands that are yet discovered.


In Japanese market we specialise in distribution of imported goods through a variety of channels as listed below. Structure of distribution in Japan is often found far complicated in which it is a key to find a right distributor or wholesaler who may lead to the targeted segments and some of those have particular area coverage or distribution channels. We understand that, for example, your primary distributor may not have access to a chain of stores but another distributor who supplies through their secondary distributor.

TV shopping

Off line catalogues (school, DIY, beauty, gift)

Chain of department store

Chain of drug store

Chain of electrical store

Beauty salon & spa


DIY home centre

Duty free shop

Beauty and healthcare

Our Japanese clients include Tokyu Hanzu, Takashimaya, Tsuruha drug,…….. but to name a few.