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Message & Principal



As an export / import trading company, we are committed to introducing new trends of foreign markets into Japan within our specialised segments and vice versa where there are needs or potential opportunities yet to be discovered. Finding products that attract our targeted customers is vital as, for example, we find thousands of new products launched every month where every product has to find its positioning on the market to stand out of the crowd.
On the other hand, our mission is to find needs and fulfil with our products and services taking advantages of worldwide opportunity. Great products and services born from a different culture or idea that adheres to foreign local markets are unique and have strong potential to find a niche market or even drive a new trend where more importantly our greater mission is to create value added to our products and services through our activity. We always try to take a different approach from what massive corporates do which allows us to create a unique positioning.

None of businesses can complete their mission on their own but always work with someone. Therefore we appreciate and respect people surrounding us and try the best for their interests with sharing minds. We never underestimate power of an idea so we listen and challenge new tasks.

We continue trying to meet our customers’ expectation and always seek new opportunities.




Speed : We respond to our customers in a prompt manner

Challenge : We strive and challenge new tasks to cultivate individual skills

Change : We respond to changes in markets, environment and society

Respect : We respect different opinions and listen to what you say

Creativity : We believe that having many ideas leads to being creative